Residency of Sins


Below is a news summary by Tabatha Bell, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from Billboard Magazine, March 31, 2012) Motley Crue made a grand spectacle of a three week long run of shows. Grossing 3 million dollars, a 97 percent capacity and nearly 38,000 tickets sold, they have become quite an eye-opener for promoters and industry professionals. They announced their Las Vegas residency on Piers Morgan, which promoted national awareness of their 12-show run. The Joint booked Motley Crue for its residency without hesitation. It seemed like a natural fit, according to Bobby Reynolds, the VP at AEG Live Las Vegas. “Combine that with the strong demo match with the Hard Rock,” he says, “and we knew we’d have something good.”

Motley Crue set up such an elaborate production that it has become the first the venue has yet to see. They brought in assets from their previous tours which are not limited to pyrotechnics, Tommy Lee’s roller coaster drums, stilt walkers, acrobats, and other remnants of the Carnival of Sins tour. Every promoter, manager, and agency that came on board for the Crue’s residency wanted to make this a spectacle. What made this show something special was the fact that Motley Crue is a metal band. It became something a fan cannot see anywhere else.

Vegas is known to be a tricky market. AEG approached marketing for the three week stint nationally, regionally, and locally, but used the Hard Rock property as its biggest promotional asset. It included personalized shirts for the employees to wear with the Motley Crue logo on them. The promotions extended to casino felts, elevator doors, wrapping one side of the hotel tower, and even ‘Home of Motley Crue’ was inserted into the phone greeting.

The Crue became a essential flag bearer for the metal genre. In just five years, the band grossed 65 million dollars and sold one point three million tickets. They will be co-headlining a tour with Kiss this summer.