Mattel Bringing Hot Wheels Stunt to X Games


Below is a news summary by Christa Perry, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from Sports Business Journal, April 9, 2012) Mattel’s Hot Wheels is trying to make its way back into the hearts of former toy car buyers. They want to market towards the 18-34 year old demographic with hopes of these buyers either starting collections or buying the toys for their children. Mattel started working on attracting its old customers back last year with the campaign “Hot Wheels for Real.” This included commercials and videos that created a fictional story of how Hot Wheels’ cars performed stunts at a secret test site before being brought to the public. With this campaign they created a live stunt to be performed at the Indianapolis 500. Mattel adapted its well known V-Drop Track into a life-size version. The track was used to break a world record of catapulting a car. Tanner Foust broke the record with his car flying 332 feet through the air. Commenting on the stunts Simon Waldron, Vice President of Marketing for Hot Wheels, said, “We knew that if we wanted to really expand our brand we needed to do something that would grab their imagination and get them thinking about how great their previous experiences were with Hot Wheels.”

Mattel is planning to hold a new marketing stunt at this summer’s X Games. This event will reach a better target market for Hot Wheels’ campaign, with the X Games having an average viewer age of 33. A deal has officially been signed between Mattel and ESPN, but no comments were made about the event by either party. Sources said the stunt is planned to be done on a life-size version of Hot Wheels’ Super Loop Track Set. The plans are to use two cars this year instead of just one. Mattel has high hopes of this stunt becoming a progressive moment in action sports, just as other stunts have become at the X Games.