NFL Eyes Public ‘Zone’ for Future Super Bowls


Below is a news summary by Rodney Clarke, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from Sports Business Journal, April 9-15, 2012) As nearly everyone in the country now knows, this year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis was unlike any Super Bowl before it. Not only was there a four block radius of Indianapolis blocked off and made into its own winter Super Bowl village, fans were exposed to a mass amount of advertising, brands, and promotions all linked and working together for a sports mega-event. Now, the standard has been set. The NFL Senior Vice President of Events, Frank Supovitz has already determined that every Super Bowl henceforth will take elements from the Indianapolis event of having an enclosed, close-knitt partnered theme and improve upon its standards.

With the next Super Bowl taking place in New Orleans, plans of blocking off traffic around the arena are well under negotiation along with the rest of the event. The NFL and New Orleans Saints’ Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Dennis Lauscha have been in deep contact over the formation of next year’s game and the special events and features that will make football fans expectant for years to come.

Indianapolis, being a smaller city compared to New York or Phoenix, proved that such an event for the Super Bowl can be extremely catchy and successful. With the event being in a larger city in future years, only more options can present themselves. A larger city with the same unity of brands, promoters, events, and partnerships has great potential for a much larger amount of present fans participating in the area’s events, and generating huge profits from those fans. In a larger city, hotel rooms, travel, and other transit aspects will not have the amount of shortages as Indianapolis experienced in this year’s Super Bowl.

With the standard now set fans, promoters, and vendors alike can expect the Super Bowl to be a spectacle of an event for years to come. The event will surely continue to evolve into something more elaborate and fitting to meet fans expectations of a more perfect event experience.