Backbeat: Alabama Shakes Play Tiny NYC Venue for MTV Hive Livestream


Below is a news summary by Megan Stonecipher, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from Billboard Magazine, April 17, 2012) Alabama Shakes, a US rock band on the rise, is gaining momentum in the US music scene, thanks to MTV. This week, their album debuted at number 3 in the UK and at number 16 on last week’s Billboard 200. Just over six months ago, the singer was still working for the Post Office, and now she is having success with her band. One of their songs, “You’re Not Alone,” has been featured on a Zales ad on television, they have struck a deal with Red Light Management, and a one album deal with ATO. They have also been featured in articles and programs through Rolling Stone, the New York Times, NPR, and MTV. Last week, MTV Push featured their “Hold On” music video, exclusive interviews, and live streams of their performance.

One of the biggest promotions MTV has done for the band is to live stream their performance at the small New York City venue, Webster Hall. At this particular show, many MTV staff members and execs were in attendance. “I have a team of passionate music fans [her staff of approximately 30 people across all branded MTV platforms] that are out seeing music every night, and many of us saw them at CMJ last fall,” said MTV Music & Talent EVP, Amy Doyle. They are very interested in the success of this band and want to stand by them until they make their way to the top. They want to build the fanbase so that more people can be exposed to their talent.

Alabama Shakes is just one of the bands that MTV has helped push into the spotlight. They use a multi-platform push which includes music videos, exclusive interviews, and other special content. Some other artists that MTV has done this for are Florence and the Machine, Mac Miller, and Young the Giant. Shakes’ manager, Christine Stauder, says “MTV have been very supportive of the band from the beginning and we appreciate all of the support and enthusiasm they have given.”