Business Matters: Why Concert Listing Sites Like Songkick, Bandsintown Matter in Today’s Increasingly Fragmented Market


Below is a news summary by Stephanie Harmon, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from Billboard Magazine, April 24, 2012) Technology is an ever changing thing in today’s society. Android apps have played a major role in today’s world. Everyone is trying to come out with the newest app that people can use. Songkick partnered with both Echo Nest and Bandsintown to release their own app in November. The Songkick app now has 100,000 users and is continuing to grow.

This app enables its customers to have concert information at the touch of a button. When you go online you can learn about when your favorite band plays at a big arena, because they are able to do more advertising. They can advertise online, by television, and by radio. Smaller venues are not able to do this for a few reasons. They don’t have the nationwide reach that big arenas do, and it is also too expensive for them to try to compete and advertise like the bigger arenas. This app will enable its customers to learn about when their favorite bands play in both big arenas and in the smaller venues. Glenn Peoples says, “Keeping up with all the artists playing smaller clubs requires either more work or better tools. Smaller venues don’t have the same advertising reach. They have relied more on a concert-going public that reads local periodicals, visits local music stores, follows local events online and gets information from venues’ and promoters’ email lists. And there is more information to track because there are so many more shows at small venues than at big venues.”

The types of concerts that people attend have been changing. More people want to go to the smaller venues instead of the big arenas. Peoples goes on to say, “Expect this trend to continue over time as the number of superstars decline and the number of mid- and lower-tier artists increases. Look at the trend already seen in recorded music sales and fast-forward 20 years: fewer legacy artists able to fill arenas and more young bands playing clubs and theaters.”

People want to learn all they can about their favorite bands concerts and appearances. Technology is changing to keep up with these types of demands. The Songkick app is just one of the new innovations used to help concert information be more user friendly. Technology will continue to keep up with these demands and create more and more things to help its customers receive up-to-date and by the touch of a button information.