NFL Draft: Sponsors Make Their Selections

nfl draft logo

Below is a news summary by Kat Spellman, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from, April 23,2012) One thing that many sports fans follow the development of, but never think to buy tickets to, is the NFL draft, however that mentality is changing.  The NFL is trying to change the appearance of the draft selection ceremony, making it more “fan friendly,” and attempting to up the number of tickets sold to this event every year. Coordinators with this event are doing so many things to make sure that all of the fans of the NFL find it worthwhile to attend this big event, and one of the major factors in encouraging fans to want to be a part of this event is to enlist certain sponsors to engage the fans. One such sponsor funded event is the third round picks being announced by three lucky fans, sponsored by Verizon Wireless. This allows fans to see that they can in fact be a part of this event, and at the same time gives Verizon a large amount of coverage. In addition to promoting the event on site, Verizon is also allowing fans to stream this event from their phones and make them feel more involved in the process.

One other major thing to look out for is the announcement from Nike, showing off the new uniforms that have been designed for many teams this year. Nike has an exclusive deal with many of the football teams to design the jerseys that will be worn during games, jersey’s that fans will get very accustom to seeing. This is a great opportunity for Nike to up their sales, because they will now have their symbol on so many jerseys throughout the league, and many super fans will want to be wearing the same brand as their favorite stars. Fans will also be on the lookout of what their favorite team will look like in the upcoming year. Fans want to know what to expect, and uniforms are no exception, so many fans will be watching if nothing else to just see that announcement.

Many fans don’t know what they are missing by not paying attention to the NFL draft ceremony, but that may soon change.