Masters Sells Out New Hospitality Location


Below is a news summary by Eddie Meyer, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from Sports Business Journal, April 30, 2012) Augusta National, a new hospitality site currently being built, has already sold out its on-site hospitality tickets a year in advance to the club being scheduled to open. This new 90,000 square-foot permanent structure is called Berckmans Place, and is under construction near the fifth green on the perimeter of Augusta National’s Property. These coveted Berckmans Place passes sold for $6,000 apiece. All 400 of them sold quickly to Augusta National members, tournament sponsors, and friends of the private club.

The structure is about a quarter of the way done and will include three levels when it is finished. One industry source described Berckmans Place as “very Masters-esque. The highest level of service.” When one executive had breakfast, left to watch golf and then returned for lunch at Berckmans, he was asked if he wanted the same table he had for breakfast. The staff remembered him from earlier in the day. “Every detail is covered,” the source said. Berckmans Place will be concealed from view by trees along the edge and rear of the fifth hole, and will offer several levels of food within the same building, from burgers to more upscale offerings.

Roger Warren, President of Kiawah Island Golf Resort and past President of the PGA of America, said that hospitality demands in golf are surging again after down years in 2009 and 2010, when the recession made businesses rethink their spending habits. “When you have a product that people want to be a part of [like Berckmans Place], you can get those numbers, and I don’t think they’ll be disappointed,” Warren said. “It’s reflective of the demand for this kind of product now.” Mimi Griffin, whose company, MSG Promotions, runs hospitality for the U.S. Open and several other events. “For years, you’ve heard about all of the different groups doing hospitality off-site at the Masters, so to be able to offer something like this on-site is great for their event.”