NBC’s Digital Rivals Line Up With Their Own London 2012 Sites


Below is a news summary by Ashley Dean, an Entertainment Management student at Missouri State University.

(from Sports Business Journal, May 6, 2012) The 2012 Olympics are fast approaching and everyone wants a piece of the action. It is known that NBC owns the rights to the Olympic rings, but it appears that multiple organizations want some of the advertising dollars and audience. In order to do this, organizations including FoxSports.com, Sports Illustrated, USA Today Sports Media Group, and Yahoo! are creating websites that contain Olympic content in order to gain viewers.

These companies may not own the rights to the Olympic Games, but they are guaranteed to get some of the money and advertising involved. This is a huge chance for non-rights holders to gain more customer loyalty, as well as those digital dollars. Dave Morgan, USA Today Sports Media Group’s Senior Vice President of Content and Editor-In-Chief stated that, “It’s a great event, and it’s the biggest opportunity to showcase your site and add audience.”

ESPN, which is known for its sports updates and statistics, will take part in gaining audiences and money, but they will do nothing different than they usually do. Their plan of attack is to treat the Olympics online no different than they treats any other big sporting event. “It’s not different from what you would normally expect from ESPN,” said John Kosner, ESPN Digital Media Senior Vice President and General Manager. ESPN believes that no matter what, they will, if not already, become the default go-to website for any live sporting event. This belief applies to any event, whether it is broadcasted on ESPN or not.

FoxSports.com is attacking this opportunity by joining forces with MSN to go big on the Olympic Games. The two powerhouse organizations recently launched a website strictly devoted to the Olympic Games and have told many advertisers that their expectations for viewers will exceed 40 million. This idea worked for Yahoo! in 2006, and FoxSports.com is expecting the same or better success.

The excitement of the 2012 Olympics is overwhelming, and getting statistics, live updates, and live feed to audiences is important for the reputation of companies. The convenience of the Internet once again allows consumers to get what they want.