Backbeat: Capitol Theatre Debuts With Sold-Out Bob Dylan Concert After Lavish Restoration


(from, September 5, 2012) The concert industry has been remodeling many of the older theaters in the northeast. For the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York, its remodel was extremely ambitious. Since its opening in 1926, the Capitol Theatre went through a variety of different styles. Before it was put out of business in 1976 by a law banning music after 1:00 a.m., the Capitol held shows for many artists including Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, and Santana.

After a restoration in the 1980’s, it became a hall for weddings, corporate meetings, and occasional concerts.  On September 4, 2012, the Capitol Theatre made its debut after millions of dollars worth of renovations. To signify the special occasion, the theater opened with Bob Dylan. With such a big name to mark opening night, the Capitol had high expectations to live up to.

Peter Shapiro of Brooklyn Bowl said the morning following the concert, how the Capitol had realized they needed to open with a bang and could not afford to have a minor opening show. Shapiro continued to say that after the sold-out Bob Dylan show, they had high hopes for the future of the Capitol.

The theater had been decorated with mirrors, chandeliers, and stunning details that added to the setting. The theater has brand new audio and visual systems. The staff wanted the theater to be more relaxed, so it is equipped with several bars, plenty of seating, and space for moving around.

The tickets to the Dylan show were mainly for fans, but members of groups, including Roots, were present.  Roots will be performing there along with several other guest artists in several days. Shapiro discussed how the ticketing will be different for each show. According to Jon Dindas, the production manager, they plan to have artists from different genres that people from all over can appreciate. The costs for renovation are estimated to be more than 2 million dollars. When asked if there was anything Shapiro wasn’t happy with about the night, all he could think of was a minor lighting issue.