Sponsors Extend Support to Paralympics

Paralympics Logo

(Sports Business Journal, September 3, 2012) The London Paralympics of 2012 was a success, with all 24 of the International Olympic Committee’s participating sponsors advertising in this summer’s Paralympics.

Not only were the sponsorships up this year, record-breaking statistics are flying through the roof. This event sold 2.5 million tickets and is estimating the views to be over 4 billion worldwide. “We’re not a small event anymore, and sponsors are switching onto that and realizing the value of associating with the Paralympics,” said Craig Spence. The Paralympians have some powerful stories to tell the world, and that is part of the reason viewers and sponsors are connecting to these games.

The International Paralympics Committee and London decided to sell global and local level sponsorships, which are possible reasons for London’s active turn out.  The global sponsors had rights to the Paralympic logo, while the locals had the rights to London’s specific Paralympic logo. Coca-Cola, which signed as a Paralympic local sponsor, decided to have their logo on the basketball court. Coca-Cola’s sponsorship is considered a top sponsor for this summer’s Paralympics. Some of the Paralympics top sponsors signed up for a sponsorship because they saw the benefits in associating with the Paralympics and listening to their amazing stories. For some sponsors, they decided to sign up for more of a traditional sponsorship.  Samsung gave some Paralympians a phone to take videos that they could post on their website. McDonald’s, which also did more of a traditional sponsorship, gave out the Paralympics mascot in their kids meals.

The Olympics have commercials before, during, and after the Olympics for great advertising. The Paralympics do not have commercials; therefore the best advertising comes from the actual spectators of the event. All of the events at the Paralympics can be found in the recaps from the Paralympic website or on the news.