Andy Murray Could See Sponsorship Earnings Triple After Winning Elusive First Grand Slam


(from Sports Business Journal, September 11, 2012) We all can’t be as lucky as Andy Murray to be able to hold the U.S. Open trophy proudly in the air after an exciting victory. Murray is the first male British Grand Slam champion in 76 years. His season was a successful one, not only winning the U.S. Open but also reaching the Wimbledon final and winning the Olympic Gold Medal. These wins helped Murray in the sense that some sources say Murray “could be set for a boost from existing endorsement deals and new sponsorship contracts following his win.” There are different people that think these wins and medals will “pay dividends in endorsements deals and sponsorships long after her retires.” Murray’s on and off the court earnings in the past month is about $12 million, this ranks him number 8 on the highest paid tennis players.

Not only is Andy Murray winning on the court but also off the court. He is gaining notoriety, and money. After winning last night, Murray dropped to his knees and he realized he was not wearing his watch. Murray recently signed a sponsorship deal with watchmakers Rado; he pointed to his wrist and realized he didn’t have it on. Murray had to go retrieve it from one of his bags, but still had plenty of time to show the watch off. Rado was excited to see the pictures of him holding the trophy and their watch beaming in the photos.

Sponsorships are a huge deal, especially in sports. Athletes really have to make sure they remember to wear the right socks, shirt, or in this case, watch. Murray is definitely going to benefit from all these wins and get a lot of new endorsements and sponsorship offers. Murray said he “just felt very relieved” after winning last night, as it has been a “lot of years of hard work and a lot of tough losses to finally come through.”