Missouri State EM Students Back to the Task of Serving Industry Professionals

EM Students are Back

The Entertainment Management (EM) students of Missouri State University are back to the task of putting their writing skills to work for hundreds of aspiring and seasoned entertainment and sport professionals.  For ten years,  junior and seniors have “given back” to the industry by providing a news summary service for busy professionals. Pulling from a select number of publications, professor Philip Rothschild hopes students will keep abreast of the current news, improve their writing skills, and make themselves a bit more marketable. “Never before has writing been so important in the industry – thousands of blogs, press releases, and publications are covering the industry.   I’m hoping my students will become more marketable because of their writing skills, and their awareness of current issues and trends.   I don’t know of a company that can’t benefit from hiring someone to help engage their “tribe” through blog posts, social media, and even tweets.  It all starts with crafting a decent paragraph,” said Rothschild.  EntertainmentManagementOnline.com (EMO) has become the vehicle to deliver their writing assignments.  Over the the fall and spring semesters, students will skim thousands of industry articles, and publish several hundred news briefs.   EMO has recently transitioned to a new content management system, and are tweaking the design.  “My hope is that we can deliver well written news summaries for busy professionals each week. We’ll tweak our website design over the semester,” said Rothschild.  The weekly news summary service is free to subscribe to. Comments can be posted after each blog post, and feedback can be sent directly to Dr. Philip Rothschild at em (at) MissouriState (dot) edu.