Pastrana-Waltrip Team is Shuttered

Travis Pastrana, Driver of Boost Mobile #99 in the NASCAR Nationwide series.

(From Sports Business Journal, September 17, 2012) Travis Pastrana does not have a team to race for in the NASCAR Nationwide series anymore. Pastrana had been racing for Pastrana-Waltrip Racing, a subsidy of Michael Waltrip Racing, since last year. He was scheduled to make 7 additional starts in various nationwide races last year however, due to a broken leg during the 2011 X Games, he was unable to Race. Pastrana’s primary sponsor, Boost Mobile, wanted the 7 races made up in 2012.

The accident put a majority of Pastrana’s team out of work, causing financial troubles for Pastrana-Waltrip Racing, including the departure of their main financial supporter, Gary Bechtel.

Waltrip Racing saw opportunity in adding a team to the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit, and did so by signing Clint Bowyer. The team brought in 5-Hour Energy as the predominant sponsor, which causes contract problems for Travis Pastrana, who is sponsored by a competitor, Red Bull Energy Drink. The problems increased later with vehicle sponsorships. The Waltrip Racing team drives for Toyota, while Pastrana drives a Dodge Dart in his Global Rally Cross races.

Michael Waltrip Racing has allowed Pastrana to drive in a Boost Mobile sponsored car earlier this year, and has plans for him to race in 3 more races in the future.

Steve Astephen, Travis Pastrana’s agent, announced that Pastrana looks to drive full-time in the NASCAR Nationwide series in 2013. Astephen has confirmed that he has had talks with teams, but will not disclose which ones.

Ty Norris, Executive Vice President of Michael Waltrip Racing, explained that Michael Waltrip Racing had a lot of new activity going on with drivers and sponsors and could not support all of it. They decided it was time to drop Pastrana-Waltrip Racing.

Pastrana is expected to be signed by a nationwide team. Norris believes that Pastrana will be a top competitor in years to come in NASCAR.