Rams Call Audible, Create Bottled Water Brand

ram5245 Ram Water_2.ai

(from Sports Business Journal, September 24, 2012) The St. Louis Rams organization is trying to pull off a marketing scheme that has never been accomplished in the National Football League. Trying to become a trend setter, the St. Louis Rams will start selling their own brand of water beginning on Sunday when they host the Seattle Seahawks. The reasoning behind the Rams organization deciding to develop their own sponsored bottled of water comes from the inability to work out terms with the Pepsi Bottling Company. Since 2007 Pepsi has handled the water rights for the Rams, but now they have handed over the licensing privileges to AquaSky, a local water distribution company out of Chesterfield, Missouri. As AquaSky handles all the bottled water for games, Pepsi will continue to hold the rights for all soft drinks that are sold.

AquaSky and the St. Louis Rams have worked out a deal, but they have not yet revealed the details of the contract to the public. They have decided to call their brand of bottled water Thirst & Ten, and both sides agreed on a label to go on the side of the bottle. The label will help promote St. Louis’s organization and the bottling company AquaSky. While Thirst & Ten is being sold at the Edward Jones Dome, the price has been reduced 50 cents less than Aquafina, which Pepsi sold in prior seasons.

Although St. Louis’s new product sounds like a great idea to most, they will have to be extremely cautious with this. The NFL has a great deal of concern with the idea, since the Rams are the first NFL team to come out with their own beverage. The St. Louis Rams will have the NFL’s attorneys monitoring them as long as they sell this product, because they do not want to cause any friction between the league’s biggest sponsors, Gatorade and Pepsi. Since there is a some concerns with disrupting their ties to these big sponsors, the Rams will only be allowed to sell this product within a 75 mile radius of St. Louis.