Global Citizen Festival Aims to be “Largest Sydicated Charity Broadcast”

Global Citizen Festival: A free ticketed music festival to help end extreme poverty

(from, September 27, 2012) This past weekend AEG Digital Media (AEGDM) and AEG Network Live hosted the Global Citizens Festival where they attempted to reach goals that no other digitally syndicated music festivals have ever obtained. Chris Roach is the head of business development at AEGDM and said that he believed that this concert would be the “largest syndicated charity broadcast in history.” The festival was held this past Saturday, September 29, in Central Park in New York where there were performances by many popular artist and groups such as the Foo Fighters, the Black Keys, and Neil Young with Crazy Horse. The festival was produced by AEG Network and it was expected that there would be somewhere around 60,000 people in attendance.

This festival, which is part of the Global Poverty Project, advertises itself as a “mass movement to end extreme poverty.” One of the biggest accomplishments of this festival, and probably the most stressful part in the planning process, was that the entire festival was streamed live on sites such as Vevo, YouTube, AOL/Huffington Post, Yahoo,, and Also the stations AXS, TV Palladia, Globo Brazil, and Fuse showed the concert live on television. In an explanation on why this was such a strenuous task, Chris Roach told that, “From that standpoint alone, coordinating the feeds to those different portals is really where the magic of this starts.

AEG Digital Media is pulling the feeds directly up satellites to our facility in Marina del Rey (Calif.), and then digitizing them to go to the web, iOS, Xbox and linear television.” Roach also goes on to say that “As far as the undertaking of this much syndication and replicating the same experience across all these different major portals, we don’t believe it’s ever been done in history.” The Live Experience Platform that was created not only features live feed of the festival itself, but also includes features such as trivia, text messaging, and polling. Many sponsors such as Pratt Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Sumner Redstone Foundations helped this festival to be a great success.