Justin Timberlake, Myspace Owners Discuss New Relaunch


(from Billboard.biz, September 25, 2012) Myspace had its peak of popularity back in the early 2000s until Facebook and Twitter became the “it” social media sites. As Myspace took its downfall, it began to focus more on the music aspect of social media spectrum where artists could connect with fans and get their name out there. Even though Myspace does still exist, the popularity is not where it needs to be in order to be a successful social media site. In June 2011, Myspace was bought by Chris and Tim Vanderhook. With a change in ownership, Myspace is back and reaching for the top once again. In order to get there, the brothers decided to partner with another investor, Justin Timberlake.

The main purpose for this re-launch, as reported by the trio, is to become a social medium for artists. This way the artists, established or not, can connect to their fans.  In order to make this re-launch a success, they have to go after the artists to join the “new” Myspace and give them the opportunity to build it with them. In the eyes of the Vanderhook brothers, they want the feedback and ideas of those that are going to actually use the site, therefore using the artists to build and finalize the concept. As explained by Timberlake, in this generation social media is not just a form of communication by choice, but rather by need. Social media has become the primary source of connection between artists and their fans. Also explained by Timberlake, their goal is to “bridge the gap” and make it more comfortable for artists to share their music. The focus is on the artists, but eventually they plan to reach to music fans from all around the world. Right now, the re-launch is at its debut stage, only time will tell if Myspace will make the new and improved comeback in the music industry.