How The Whigs Use Hot Dogs To Roll Out Their New Album


(from, October 9, 2012) The Whigs new album cover has many people scratching their heads. The picture of a hot dog on a simple white backdrop, perfectly garnished, decorated with a zigzag of ketchup, and underneath is a dot of mustard. The hot dog and mustard forms an exclamation mark.

The Whigs album “Enjoy the Company” was released in September by New West Records. Without even listening to the music, people who view the album cover by itself cannot help but remember the distinctive artwork.

Ryan Matteson of C3 Management admits that his team had not taken the album art seriously at first glance. The more they thought about it and remembered the picture, the more they realized that it was something that would cause consumers to think about.

The drummer of the band, Julian Dorio, was behind the artwork. The idea of the hot dog came from the band’s consideration of it as the album name. “Hot dog!” stemmed from the southern expression and the drummer kept the concept as a possibility for the artwork, even though he realized that it could be perceived as being silly. When singer Parker Gispert opened the image that Dorio had conceived, he was in the midst of eating a hot dog in the airport, and the idea was a hit.

The Whigs are offering all kinds of merchandise, exploiting the hot dog concept.  Also, by having a social media contest, they are getting their fans involved by coming up with creative designs all involving ideal hot dogs. Submissions included spelling out ‘The Whigs’ with more than 20 hot dogs and decorating hot dogs with condiments to represent the band members. The best submissions got the chance to win free tickets. The Whigs are using the image to get fans involved and excited about the new album.