Aerosmith May Self-Release Future Album If ‘Band Stays Together’


(from, October 12, 2012) With their current deal coming to an end with Columbia Records, Aerosmith may take their next and future albums into their own hands. Music From Another Dimension will be their last record with Columbia.

During a conference call on Tuesday, front man Steven Taylor was asked if the band would consider self-releasing future projects and he said, “If the band stays together, yeah, we’ll definitely go that route.” However, guitarist Joe Perry doesn’t seem so definitive about the plan. He told Billboard, “We’ve talked about every idea you can think of out there, and we really don’t know. There’s so many different directions we can go. It’s really an open question at this point.”

Music From Another Dimension comes out November 6, which is Aerosmith’s first new material in 11 years. The band will start the next leg of their Global Warming Tour on November 8. The album has the singles “Legendary Child,” “What Could Have Been Love,” and “Lover Alot” all featured on it.  A due with Carrie Underwood, as well as collaborations with Johnny Depp and Julian Lennon can all be heard on the record.

Tyler said that the band will go on a World Wide tour next year. He also promised that he will make a solo album, but that will not mean that Aerosmith is finished.

Meanwhile, Perry is following his band mates in writing an autobiography, which he hopes to have out in 2013. He has teamed up with award-winning author, David Ritz, to help him out. Perry says, “It’s going to be my story, but it’s also entwined with Aerosmith and relationships there and the how and the why of that kind of stuff. People have been asking me about it for the last probably 5 or 10 years.”