C3 Doubles Down on Popular Music Event

C3 is lookig to expand their festival.

(from Venues Today, October 10, 2012) C3 Presents, the producers of Austin City Limits Music Festival and Lollapalooza, plan to add an additional week to the already one week Austin City Limits Music Festival. The festival, which started as a two day event with an attendance of 75,000, will now last 6 days. Charlie Jones, a partner of C3, believes the festival will still sell its current ticket sales total of 75,000 per day for both the weeks. The only change to the festival will be the inclusion of more local bands.

C3 plans to feature Austin-based acts in addition to the already big names expected at the festival. Some acts scheduled to perform at this year’s festival are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, and Jack White. The festival is scheduled for 135 performance slots. “The structure will stay the same as it’s always been and the goal is to do the exact same festival,” Jones said, “this was brought on by overwhelming demand from people wanting to attend the festival and come to Austin.”

The main reason C3 decided to expand the festival was to meet the demand of festival fans. The $200 three-day passes and $90 single-day tickets sold out immediately, and early bird discounted tickets sold out before the year’s lineup was even announced.

The expansion also looks to benefit the Austin community. Since 2006 the festival has donated more than $6 million to the Austin Parks Department. The extended festival is expected to increase its contribution to the community to $2.8 million.

C3 has no plans for expanding the length of their popular Lollapalooza festival; instead they are looking in expanding the tour internationally. Lollapalooza has already expanded to Chili and Brazil. There are plans for expanding to Israel next year.

C3 is looking to continue expanding their live experiences, concerts, and events to help grow their brand.