Riding the Wave


(from Billboard Magazine, October 13, 2012) Brooklyn’s indie band, Freelance Whales, is grabbing attention by using creative and unique channels to promote their music. The 5-piece band just released their sophomore album entitled “Diluvia.” Freelance Whales first developed a fan base through performances with bands like The Tokyo Police Club; however, it has been through the resourcefulness of their partnership with two indie labels that has helped them gain the status they hold today. Their two labels, Frenchkiss and Mom + Pop, have joined together to promote and distribute the bands new album “Diluvia.” The two labels were both interested in the band, and oddly enough, decided to take on the Freelance Whales together.

The labels have backed the band in traditional methods of distribution and promotion, but have also landed the Freelance Whales some interesting deals with Twitter and YouTube; they even did a few commercials for companies like Starbucks and Chevy. Taking it a step farther, the band’s music has appeared in television shows on HBO and the CW. The labels have created a brand for the band through these television appearances, and it has made a great impression in a short amount of time.  With the band’s following rapidly growing, Freelance Whales can still be found playing in subways during the day and on big stages at night. The band couldn’t be in a better place for releasing a new album.

The new album is still going to feature the same instrumentation and familiar sounds of the 5-piece band, but folk instruments, such as the banjo, will carry this record. The new album was released October 9, and is looking to have a very promising first week of sales. Next, the band is planning to go on their longest tour ever as headliners. Their new tour and album release are on the radar because Freelance Whales took risks in their two-label partnership and promoting their music through unique outlets.