NFL + Music = Touchdown!

Beyonce for Super Bowl

(from Billboard Magazine, November 3, 2012) No one would expect the likes of football to help launch records for recording artists such as Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, Aerosmith, and Beyoncé.  Recent history has shown that the combination of televised games and music go hand-in-hand with one another resulting in major exposure.  During the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show, Madonna performed her new single “Give Me All Your Luvin”  with over 116 million viewers the show ended up being the most-watched TV event in US history.  Along with the amount of viewers Madonna generated, her single rose to the tenth spot of Billboard 100 in its second week.

For artists who aren’t performing at halftime shows, they are still actively getting involved in the sporting events.  No Doubt and Mariah Carey both performed new singles at a Kickoff Concert in September.  Several artists are also creating new material for the NFL, including partnerships with Pepsi and the music branding agency Cornerstone.  Aerosmith, Ice Cube, Travie McCoy, and Kid Rock have all enlisted to write and record original songs for their home teams.  Wiz Khalifa, who wrote “Black & Yellow” for the Steelers, became a huge hit after being release.  What makes the Super Bowl so attractive is that it is for everyone to watch.  The NFL is also helpful for new and upcoming artists, by playing snippets of songs leading into commercial breaks.

With the anticipated performance by Beyoncé this upcoming Super Bowl, with speculation of Jay-Z and Destiny’s Child to have guest appearances, industry analysts are expecting it to top Madonna’s record breaking performance.  Social media will have a huge impact this year as well, with the help of Pepsi and CBS there will be a lot of outreach and promotional advertising.  Beyoncé is known as an iconic brand and viewers will be seeing something unique and unexpected come February 3 for the Super Bowl.