New York’s Planners Change Focus

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(from The Wall Street Journal, November, 6 2012) New York is a city busy with parties and events taking place year round. Hurricane Sandy has put a severe damper on the business side of events and planning. Fundraising events projected to raise a million dollars have been postponed or even canceled. With this tragedy companies didn’t feel right to keep the events going. Most to all event planners have cancelled or rescheduled their event. A CEO of a men’s clothing line was offering a company launch party and decided to reschedule their event for a later date. He said, “With everyone out of power, it wasn’t right.”

It takes more than one person to put together and event or party so when the flooding affects one company it lead into affecting many others. Through this tragedy companies have worked very well with each other on getting this city back on its feet.

Most companies planned in advance for Hurricane Sandy, but food companies had trouble because it was not soon enough.  Frozen foods for the events were fine, but dairy products and the fresh produce was ruined. For the events that were affected venues did not charge cancelation fees. This was nothing the people could control. “We try to be as flexible as humanly possible because most of these events are going to be repeat events,” says Mr. Mcllvaine, the owner of Renny & Reed.

The community and local businesses have had to work really hard together to get this city up and running properly again. Even though party and event dates are getting switched around the next few months for event planners may be a little on the slower side as they try to get the city back to the normal social life New York has to offer.