South Beach Meets BCS in Club Experience


(from Sports Business Journal, November 5, 2012) At the next BCS National Championship game at the SunLife Stadium, PrimeSports is bringing the liveliness of a South Beach night club. In about a week PrimeSports will start to market this new idea. The idea is to create a club-like experience in the stadiums end-zone, similar to club LIV in Miami Beach Florida.

This year at the BCS National game the finale will be the first of this kind.  The 400-person area LIV lounge that has been so popular to the Miami Dolphins will now generate a more unique way to experience the game. “It will be more of a part atmosphere for small groups that want to sit in the lounge area,” said Greg Nortman, PrimeSport’s Los Angeles-based Chief Operating Officer.

Past experiences have been a little bit different at the BCS National Championship game. In previous years, the hospitality experience would often be near to the stadium or just outside the stadium, forcing the fans to buy separate tickets, one for the game and one for the hospitality.

The new experience will offer the opportunity to buy one ticket. This ticket will offer the chance to watch the game, sit in the LIV lounge, and enjoy the hospitality event that will still be taking place outside or near the stadium. The space at the end-zone will be identified as the PrimeSport Championship VIP suite for the title game. There are many different ticketing options. For a 10-person cabana at the high-end the price will be $22,500, and $1,850 per person for a four-person rail table. Tickets for $2,000 per person for a front row rail table for a 5-person group and standing room tickets are also available for $995 each.