BandPage Reaches Beyond Facebook with BandPage Connect

BandPage Connect logo
(from Billboard Magazine, November 13, 2012) BandPage is a website used by musicians to share their music and touring schedule with their fans. In the beginning, they have been using Facebook as a growth strategy, where users can create a profile through the use of this social media website. Now, they are releasing a new tool called BandPage Connect. This tool allows the artists or bands to update their songs, videos, information about tours, etc. If the artist has a profile on other web pages online, it will automatically update those as well. 


J Sider, Chief Executive of BandPage, explains that instead of the artists having to re-upload their information, videos, or photos, it will be automatically updated for them using this new tool. This requires BandPage to be connected with other websites by building technology pipes that make the websites all interact with one another. Some of the websites that BandPage has partnered with so far include WordPress, PledgeMusic, Midem Music Festival, Tixie, and Social Radio. Currenly, Midem Music is partnered with BandPage Connect because of their European music festival. The artists can log on to this website to update their profiles, and the changes will be added to both the BandPage website and Midem website.


BandPage was founded in 2010, and since then they have raised over $18 million from Davidow Ventures, GGV Capital and Northgate Capital, and also Walden Capital. When BandPage decided to join with Facebook, it quickly became the top music app on the social networking site. This caused BandPage to increase expansion across the web, as well as going mobile to have an app for their website. They also released BandPage Everywhere, which allowed the bands to blog about themselves using BandPage. This is used by more than 100,000 artists currently.  J Sider says because of the success with their website, they are confident that the external sites will want to partner with BandPage because it will help musicians. It will allow its users to have updated content from its favorite artists, which will help the music industry in its entirety.