Crystal Castles Bottle ‘Severe Melancholy’ in Third Album

Crystal Castles Primed to Drop Third Album

(from Billboard Magazine, November 13, 2012)  The electronic duo Crystal Castles is primed to release their third album entitled “(III).” Crystal Castles is often linked to a genre of music known as EDM, Electronic Dance Music, but the recording style and promotion for this album is much different.

The band is comprised of the Toronto natives’ producer Ethan Kath and vocalist Alice Glass. Kath explained that only the first take of every track was used when recording the album. As a result of this, the notes in the songs are not corrected, some notes are even wrong. The reason for this is, “the first take captures the rawest expression of an emotion,” Kath noted. The album is a myriad of eclectic, futuristic haze and blips, all laid down through a ‘50s tape machine. While none of the tracks are likely to be commercial singles the band still has a very strong following.

James Sandom, Red Light Management’s new label Casablanca/Universal Republic, realized that Crystal Castle’s fan base had seen exponential growth at the end of their second album. This ever-growing fan base gives the band the opportunity to become more main-stream. Sandom explained that his goal is to attempt to use the massive online following to move the band to the next level where they will be commercially accepted and recognized.

The band’s label chose to release the album at the end of the year in order to have the majority of 2013 for the planned world tour and radio promotion. The band had begun by promoting awareness with album’s most obvious single “Sad Eyes,” but the fan focus has primarily been on the Facebook release of the two more unorthodox songs “Plague” and “Wrath of God.” Sandom articulated that instead of marketing in the traditional fashion, the label is using the hardcore fans by putting the two unorthodox tracks on the social networks. According to Sandom both are receiving a huge online response. Crystal Castle’s strangely compelling album “(III)” is out now.