New Spielberg Movie isn’t the Only Lincoln That’s Selling Out


(from Sports Business Journal, November 26, 2012) Pinnacle Bank Arena is a college basketball complex that is under construction in Lincoln, Nebraska. Ben Wrigley, the vice president of project development for Legends Hospitality Management, has been responsible for selling out the inventory for available seats in the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

The 16,000 seat, renovated arena operated by SMG and owned by the city of Lincoln plans to open in September 2013. This will be the home of the men and women’s basketball team at the University of Nebraska. Also, this arena will be used as a venue for concerts and other special events.

West Haymarket Joint Public Agency (JPA) is Ben Wrigley’s client. The JPA manages the finances for Pinnacle Bank arena. JPA has made 31 suites out of a total of 36 available for long-term deals. The arena also has 20 loge boxes and as of about a week ago, Legends Hospitality Management signed contracts for 18 of those loges and had potential buyers with commitment to the other two. In the loges you will find drink rails, TV monitors, back counters, space under the counters for with enough room for a small refrigerator. Also, they made shelves for briefcases and purses.

Premium seats are still in high demand even though the Nebraska men’s basketball team has not made it to the NCAA tournament since 1998.  Ben Wrigley seems to think that the demand for seats may be a reflection of the large amount of touring shows that are expected to perform at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in the near future.  The majority of the premium seat buyers tend to be from Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, and about 15% from out of state. Wrigley seems to think that most of the “outsiders,” people from out of state, really don’t mind the long distance drive as long as the arena events are of interest.