Shakira’s Ex-Boyfriend’s $100 Million Lawsuit Claims He Was Responsible for ‘Unparalleled Financial Success’


(from Billboard Magazine, November 30, 2012) Shakira has gone from a Latin American super star to a globally known sensation in just a short period of time. Her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rúa, claims that he responsible for all of the hard work that Shakira has put in to her career. From the marketing and business to the sexual appeal that was created for Shakira, de la Rúa believes that he has held a stake in this for quite some time. The ex-boyfriend is now trying to recover his share of the funds and of the future funds by filing a lawsuit.

In the suit, de la Rúa wants to recover damages of at least $100 million for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. There is no written agreement between the two of them, but he did have a standing arrangement with Shakira. Attorney, William Reid, states that her career was as much a success even before the two of them were a couple. He also says that they did enjoy the financial success together. When de la Rúa and Shakira first met each other in 2000, she had been working on some of her most noted moments in history for her career. Some of these include the decision to record “Hips Don’t Lie” in order to save a flagging album, negotiations with Live Nation, and the recording of World Cup anthem “Waka Waka.”

They decided to become business partners in 2004 after Shakira’s world tour resulted in her losing millions of dollars. There was no written agreement over this decision. According to the suit, de la Rúa had built up her career in the last six years to one of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry. The most recent profits were by the deals he conceptualized, originated, negotiated, and executed. Even after the couple broke up in 2010, they remained business partners. However, in the past couple of years their relationship even as business partners has taken a turn and Shakira no longer wants to consider him as an employee.