Business Matters: Rdio Gaining on Pandora on West Coast, Study Says












(from, February 12, 2013)  A nationwide study was recently conducted by the social media focus group Fizziology. The analysis found that internet radio power house, Pandora, has lost market share on the West Coast to competition in the form of Rdio. The coastal markets, especially the West Coast, are trend setters concerning technology. This early embracement of technology is crucial to a product or service’s survival, as it determines whether the innovation has the market draw needed to succeed in all parts of the United States. If an idea is adopted on the coasts, it is sure to move inward into the rest of the country.

For any new innovation to be fully embraced, it must pass through five phases of adoption. These include knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation. In the case of Pandora, it has clearly reached the confirmation stage in all markets of the United States. The internet radio service is currently ranked number one in the East, South, Midwest, and the West.

Although it is on top at the moment, Pandora has close competition in the form of services such as Rdio. The internet radio service leader can not afford to become complacent in terms of marketing, innovation, and integration. If stagnancy does set in, Pandora will surely loose major market shares in the coastal regions. These trend setter regions want the latest and greatest, and will not settle for yesterday’s technology. Marketing has shown time and time again the influence that the East and West have on the rest of the country. If Pandora loses its footing in these crucial markets, the rest of the country will be sure to follow in their footsteps soon after.