NY Super Bowl Won’t Catch NFL Out in the Cold


(from Sports Business Journal, February 11, 2013) After an eventful Super Bowl in New Orleans this year, there are more questions than answers regarding next year’s New York Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl will be held outdoors at MetLife Stadium, allowing many uncontrollable factors to possibly impact this large event.  This isn’t the first cold-weather climate Super Bowl the NFL has held, but it will be the first to take place in a stadium without a roof.  The game is being seen around the league as a test case for the possibility of future cold-weather climate Super Bowls.

The NFL is developing a contingency plan that will be adaptable to all weather possibilities.  Some have even hinted at rescheduling the game for a Saturday night for the first time.  The weather has not impacted demand, which is believed to be at an all-time high.  “The challenge I see is that the stadium is only so big and demand is far going to exceed availability,” said Dave Wintergrass, NFL Senior Director of Events.

The demand and weather aren’t the only issues the NFL is preparing for, as the media presence is expected to be even greater than usual considering the major broadcasting companies have studio space in and around Manhattan already.  The rights holder for next year’s Super Bowl, Fox Sports, has not released any information of its plans but is expected to use this large platform to boost its new channel, Fox Sports 1.  This huge opportunity will certainly be challenged by ESPN, who basically owns everything about the Super Bowl but the game itself.  ESPN hasn’t made any decisions yet, but they have publicly voiced concern with the congestion that is infamous in New York.

There are numerous challenges for next year surrounding one of the biggest days on every American’s calendar.  The NFL is embracing the challenge with hopes of a record-setting broadcast.  If one thing is for certain, it is that all eyes will be on New York come next February.