Ticketmaster Announces Digital Ticket-Transfer Platform

Ticketmaster Logo

(from Billboard.biz, February 12, 2013) Ticketmaster is launching a new option for North American ticket buyers, which will allow them to transfer tickets to others at no extra cost, directly through their Ticketmaster online accounts.  This method will digitalize every ticket, helping curb issues like ticket counterfeiting and scalper fraud.

Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation Entertainment, raved about Ticketmaster being an “industry leader” who “continues to introduce transformational products that revolutionize the fan and client experience.”  He also called Ticketmaster’s Ticket Transfer “the most trustworthy, fastest, easiest, and environmentally-conscious way ever introduced.”

Ticketmaster’s new technology will work with all ticket types, giving purchasers the ability to “almost instantly” transfer tickets by reissuing bar codes.  The original barcode on the ticket is invalidated and the new recipient will receive a digital ticket with a new bar code.  This process also provides a seamless transfer of paper ticket to digital, print at home tickets to digital, etc.

The process begins by a fan logging into their “My Ticketmaster” account on www.ticketmaster.com and clicking on the order number of the tickets they would like to transfer to someone, and then clicking the “Transfer Tickets” button option.  Then fans will just need to enter in the name and email address of each recipient and select which tickets they want to transfer.  To actually receive the tickets, the recipient will need to click the “Accept Tickets” link in the email Ticketmaster sends for the transfer.  The receiving fans will then need to sign into their “My Ticketmaster” account or create a new account if they do not have one, select the method of delivery, and the tickets are transferred.  This process will also help broaden data of concert-goers for Ticketmaster to better future marketing of concerts and events.

Ticket Transfer will not apply to paperless ticketing.  Ticketmaster CEO, Nathan Hubbard, says that would “defeat the purpose” of paperless in its attempt to combat scalping.

Beginning in spring, digital transfers will be available on mobile devices through the Ticketmaster App in an attempt to reboot Ticketmaster’s mobile platform.