Turn Up the Lights

The band Fall Out Boy is reunited.

(from Billboard Magazine, February 23, 2013) Throughout history, many bands have called it quits when they are still physically capable of making music. It always seems so sad, but as time passes, their fans move on to new music and bands to follow. In 2009, the band Fall Out Boy split up to start their own side projects. On February 4of this year, the band members released a brand new single called “My Songs know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up).” The song’s video also features the rapper 2 Chainz. Their fifth album is going to be released May 7. They also have an upcoming tour and three intimate shows in large cities that sold out immediately. They have had tremendous positive feedback from their fans at the announcement of their revival.

Their single, “My Songs” has recently landed itself on Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Rock Songs. “My Songs,” has sold 162,000 copies and their new video already has 660,000 views on YouTube. Although the band hadn’t tweeted in over a year, they received 48,000 mentions on the day they released their single. Not only are the band’s old fans responding, but across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they’ve gained 130,000 new ones. Although it’s very clear that the band was missed, they are certain that taking a break was the right move for them. Bassist/lyricist, Pete Wentz, said the band started working on writing music 14 months ago, but they didn’t write anything worth presenting until about 4 or 5 months ago. During their period of recording, they decided to keep their comeback a secret until the release of their single. Although the band had doubts about their reemergence, their 33 show tour sold out in less than 15 minutes. The band also performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and at the NBA All-star Weekend. The radio has had a good reaction to their single and predicts it will do well. The band doesn’t want to dwell on their old music, but are focusing on their future music, and the future of the band. It looks like Fall Out Boy has not been forgotten, but rather has a new beginning.