Van Halen, Billy Joel Headline New Aussie Stone Fest


(from Billboard Magazine, February 17, 2013) This April, Australians will be enjoying a long awaited concert. Van Halen will be performing at the 2013 Stone Music Fest. It has been 15 years since Van Halen last made it to Australia. Along with Van Halen will be Billy Joel. The two acts will be co-headlining the festival. Other acts that will be taking the stage with Van Halen will include: Buckcherry, Richie Ramone, Lifehouse and Kings of Chaos. Stone Music Fest will take place at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium on April 20-21.

Eddie hasn’t just been away from Australia recently, but from the road in general. The guitarist had emergency hand surgery in 2012 and the group had to cut 30 United States tour dates off of their tour. Despite that, the group is ready to take the stage with their newest album entitled “A Different Kind Of Truth,” taking number 4 on the ARIA charts early last year.

Van Halen announced the bill back in September of 2011.This concert has raised quite some excitement and in return has raised some expensive ticket prices. Single day tickets start at $184 US dollars and two-day tickets are upwards of $442 US dollars. Along with these expensive tickets are merchandise packages, including a shirt and DVD named “Stone,” giving the festival its name.

The festival came as a bit of a surprise, considering the fact that Australia already has a jam-packed festival season. All the other acts will be on tour leading up to the Stone Music Fest and will be warmed up and ready to play for the 83,500 seat stadium, home of 2000 Summer Olympics and the Australian football team.