Facebook: Friend or Foe to Music Marketers?


(from Billboard.biz, February 25, 2013) Over the years, Facebook, a huge social network, has changed its platform leading to changes in its features and look. This has greatly affected bands and marketers who have used Facebook over the years to reach out to audiences and market their brand. With every change to Facebook’s platform, bands and marketers have had to change their platform on the website as well. This has become a major challenge when these groups of people spend an enormous amount of time creating this type of marketing and advertising. The challenge also encompasses the risk of waiting when the next change to Facebook will change, and if this next change will not serve the needs of those who use the site reach out audiences, then they are “left dangling.”

According to Geoffrey Colon, the vice president of Social@Ogilvy, the marketing firm of Ogilvy and Mathers, there are other ways for bands and marketers to adjust to a constantly changing site like Facebook. The first way is to use cool visuals. Photos tend to capture an audience’s attention and be shared more than text and status updates. These visuals could be a simple snapshot from backstage or photos with extravagant graphics. This type of marketing allows the band or marketer to show their creativity. Another way that Colon shares is the posting of audio and visual content. Since bands are trying to market their music, audio and video content is their most important asset. So by posting these types of content through third party apps onto the site, it can reach out to a new audience that could in the future become fans. Other ways that bands and marketers can adjust to changes is by getting the community involved, ask for feedback over the web, and going along with the visual, audio and video content, make “share-ables.” This means that your current fans can share your content to their friends that can reach out to a whole new audience. Facebook has become a major marketing tool for bands, and the changes it makes over the years should never affect that.