In Sacramento, No ‘Moving Sale’ on Kings Seats


(from Sports Business Journal, February 18, 2013) It’s no secret that in the last 5 to 10 years, that the NBA’s Sacramento Kings have become the NBA’s worst team; not just the worst team as far as records go, but the worst team in terms of finances and attendance too.  The Kings’ organization has been performing so poorly for so long that the idea of relocating the team has become less of a threat and more of a guarantee over the past 12 months.  The idea of relocation is not all bad for a sports team to endure, particularly when it comes to selling tons of tickets; fans are suddenly aware that this may be their last chance to see their hometown team play in their city.  With all of these great marketing opportunities in mind, when the Kings’ organization let the public know that there was a chance they could be relocating the team in the near future if attendance didn’t start improving, it was almost a certainty that fans would come pouring into Sleep Train Arena to watch the Kings play out the remainder of what could be their final season in Sacramento.

As the Kings wait for the NBA to approve an agreement that would effectively end their tenure in Sacramento, they have seen no increase in the attendance numbers for the Kings’ games; when you combine the continually low attendance with the fact that there have been very few local groups that have actually spoken against the idea of relocation, it has become very clear that the Kings’ organization has given up all hope in Sacramento and the city of Sacramento has a very few number of people who actually care.  One of the last remaining promotions that the Sacramento Kings are running is the three-game “Beat L.A.” package, which allows fans to purchase tickets at a discounted price to two games against the L.A. Clippers and one game against the L.A. Lakers.  If this is the end of the Kings in Sacramento, then the fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento ended before it really began.