Mission Control Takes Over Prudential Center’s Social Media

Mission Control

(from Venues Today, February 20, 2013)  Two years ago the New Jersey Devils were ranked last in the NHL in every measureable social media statistic. To improve the team’s social media presence, the Devils started the Devils Generals. The Devils Generals are made up of 25 fan volunteers who manage the team’s social media outlets. Since implementing the initiative, the New Jersey Devils are now ranked number 15 Facebook fans, and number 14 in Twitter followers. While the Devils are pleased to improve their number of followers and fans, they are most happy with being ranked number one in fan engagement via social media. This statistic measures how often fans comment, like, favorite, retweet and share a post.

Due to the success of the Devils Generals, the Devils are adding another social media branch. “We saw very real results from Mission Control and the Devils Army Generals program, so we brought those same techniques to shows and concerts on Prudential Center’s social media network,” said Rich Krezwick, President of Devils Arena Entertainment. The new branch will be called the Rock Reporters. The Rock Reporters will be similar to the Devils Generals, but instead of focusing on hockey, the Rock Reporters will market other live events at the Prudential Center. The Rock Reports will also be made up of volunteers, and the Devils hope a diverse group will find a way to successfully interact with their live events audience.

The new addition looks to be another major asset to the Devils marketing team, but there may be some minor problems with the new branch. The Devils Generals operate in a small office commonly referred to as Mission Control, which fits four comfortably, and six maximum. The Rock Reporters will add another six staff members, but the Devils feel with proper scheduling they can make the situation work.

The Rock Reporters are still in the early stages of development, and will soon be contacting new hires for training.