Oscars: Adele, Shirley Bassey, Streisand Set for Big Sales Gains


(from billboard.biz, February 25, 2013) Thanks to their appearances on the Academy Awards, artists like Adele, Dame Shirley Bassey, Jennifer Hudson, and many more are to see huge sales increase on this next week’s Billboard charts. Adele and Paul Epworth’s Oscar award winning song, “Skyfall,” is expected to as big as a 45% jump, says suggested sources. “Skyfall” is the first song since Eminem’s number one hit “Lose Yourself” in 2003, to have won an Academy Award while also being on the Billboards top 100 chart. Also, the song is the only single from the James Bond collection to have ever taken home an Oscar. Coincidentally, the Oscar’s also paid tribute to the motion picture’s 50th anniversary with a montage of memorably moments and a performance of “Goldfinger” by Shirley Bassey.

From that performance alone, Bassey’s original recording could see a gain of more than 275% in sales. Although the song will probably only sell 1,000 to 2,000 by the end of the week, the song will continue to climb in sales throughout the following week. Bassey also spiked an increase on twitter after her performance on the show. According to Topsy analytics, Bassey was mentioned 36,000 times on twitter the day of the Oscars, which was a significant increase from 150 the day before.

Between both singers were tributes to three award winning movie musicals, Dreamgirls, Chicago, and Les Miserable. Jennifer Hudson sang “And I Am Telling You,” from Dreamgirls which is expected to see 230% gain in sales, while Catherine Zeta Jones who performed “All That Jazz” from Chicago is only predicted to see a 35% increase. Completing the trio, was the cast of Les Miserable singing “Suddenly” and “One Day More.” The sales for these could jump 200% and 100% respectively.

Rounding out the night was Barbara Streisand singing her 1974 chart topper “The Way We Were” during the tribute to Marvin Hamlisch who died August 6, 2012. The late three-time Oscar winner also took home the trophy for the best original song. He co-wrote “The Way We Were” which is expected to see a sales increase of 175%.