Country Radio Seminar: Do Dollars for Record Promotions Make Sense?

Country Radio Seminar

(from, March 01, 2013) With the high costs burdened to Labels to bring artists to perform at radio station events some are begging innovators to come up with a more financially beneficial way to promote artists while supporting local radio. At this year’s Country Radio Seminar last Friday, panelists pondered over different alternatives.

Many times radio stations all over the nation request for artist to perform at their events, and the label can lose money. Senior Vice President of Promotion at Warner Music Nashville says, “We need to educate radio to learn what goes into the cost of what we do,” he added, “When you make the ‘ask,’ think about what your radio station can bring to add value.”

Radio stations are starting to come up with new ideas for promotional artist and fan interactions like “guitar pulls.” This event is similar to an acoustic show which allows the fans a different experience while being low cost.

Another example of a low cost promotion was seen in Portland, Oregon where the local station KUPL put together a non-performance event, a bike ride, with Lady Antebellum.   This event didn’t cost a thing and didn’t take up a tour date.

Touring is a very expensive endeavor. So how can radio stations and labels work together to promote “baby” acts that haven’t quite hit it big yet?  Panelists suggest bringing these acts to a local club or conference center that has showcased big names before they were big. Promote these shows by pointing out previous successful artists and then promote the experience. If the shows are acoustic the cost of the setup is low or non-existent.

Panelists agreed that promo tours should be done a little bit more cost efficiently. With the help of local radio stations it is possible to maximize value while creating a large fan base.