On The Map


(from Billboard Magazine, March 9, 2013) The Australian group Atlas Genius was only known by their friends and a small group of fans back in 2011. Today, they are sharing the stage with The Silversun Pickups and Imagine Dragons. This is a rather large leap for a band in such a short period of time. Two years ago, the band was playing locally in Australia as a cover band. They decided to record a single called Trojans, and from there they have had nothing but fame and good fortune. The band expected the album to sell around 100 copies. It sold over 14,000. After that, the band was noticed by some talent blogs and their track was featured on SirusXM, with Trojans peaking at No. 4 on the alternative charts. This is impressive because this was all accomplished without a manager.

As Atlas Genius started blow up, WMG signed them. They then teamed up with +One Management, and their manager, Jonny Kaps has been helping them grow to their potential. Once signed with Warner, they repackaged Trojans on an EP titled Through the Glass. Warner has stated that they don’t want Atlas Genuis to be “another radio band.” The band has more good songs besides Trojans, and Warner wants people to see them for that.

The band made their first visit state side last fall for a tour with The Silversun Pickups. On the two month tour, it was obvious that they were packing the shows as the opening act. The band is now touring with Imagine Dragons on a sold out tour. The will be playing songs of their new full length album When It Was Now. The band has been more surprised than anyone of their success. They are our excited to see where they go next and what the road ahead has for them. Band member, Jeffrey, sums up the whole experience: “You can’t predict how people will react to a song, but if we’re happy with the music, then that’s the best we can do.”