Quiet Pre-Launch Leave Gamers Guessing About ‘MLB 2K 13’


(from Sports Business Journal, March 4, 2013) After being in development since last fall, 2K Sports will release “MLB 2K13,” the latest edition of its MLB simulation game series. With expired licenses and a $30 million loss the previous year, which was considered MLB-related, consumers and the media are unsure of what to expect with the new release.

At the expiration of the prior pacts with Major League Baseball, 2K seemed to have no intentions to renew the contract for 2013 due to the extreme losses. However, with 2K being the only online baseball simulation game for the Xbox360 console, the company found a contract extension would be more favorable than going dark, until concrete future plans were set. The one-year extension is simply a bridge, until future plans of gaming consoles, such as the Playstation 4, are announced.

Many were first surprised at the fact 2K13 would be released for another year, and many more will be surprised with the content, set up, and features of the game. 2K did not release any pre-release game demos, leading many to believe the upgrade from 2K12 will be more than a roster change, which is highly unusual for typical annual sports titles. The only releases of information thus far include Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price as the game cover, a revival of the Perfect Game Challenge that enters contestants into a million-dollar prize pool, and a bundle deal at retail stores for a reduced price. 2K Sports officials declined discussion of any details about the game.

Bob Bowman, MLBAM President and Chief Executive, said, “This worked as well as could be expected, we’re clearly in a transition year in the industry.”  What consumers see and how they will react will remain a mystery until the release tomorrow and gamers are given time to interact with the game. This transition year is proven vital for development of future plans and agreements for 2K sports and Major League Baseball.