Turn Facebook Friends into a Radio Station for iOS, Android

EQuala provides a new music streaming experience











(from billboard.biz, March 1, 2013) Representatives at Evolver.fm know too well that the simple act of choosing what to use for music each day has become as daunting as it is enjoyable. By tracking crowded digital music ecosystems, Evolver.fm has found success in ListnPlay’s EQuala (iOS and Android; free) in a market where each new day brings a new set of music products and services.

EQuala is a new, free application that not only helps users discover and listen to their friends favorite music, but goes an extra step with a personalized internet radio station that is based directly on what your friends are (or have been) listening to – and gives you control over which friends are included, and how much influence those friends may have.

EQuala provides a way for users to use their friends as a source of music, and the user can become a source for them. Through this Facebook-connection music service you can see what your friends are listening to and give them a “shout out.” A shout out is a new feature that allows users to put a specific song into a friends playlist. Each shout out gets compiled into your music “DNA” profile, which includes a percentage score of how similar your music taste is compared to your Facebook and EQuala friends.

“EQuala revives the idea of listening to music with your friends, as opposed to the isolated listening experience of yet another content-based playlist,” EQuala Co-founder and CEO, Lior Aharoni, told Evolver.fm, “EQuala gives music a truly social context, as songs are connected to specific people, who leave footprints that embody their own taste.”

The neat social context of music and the new way of listening to music makes it easy to play music, add or delete friends, and to adjust their influence in your listening experience. This experience has brought back the socially inclusive element to listening to music and brought friends together.