Braun Remains Calm Amid Drug Firestorm

Ryan Braun











(from USA TODAY, March 19, 2013)  It seems everywhere Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder, Ryan Braun, turns, there the Major League Baseball investigators are.  They have been talking to his friends, talking to his associates, and digging through any paperwork they can find.  Braun, the 2011 National League MVP, is the only player to successfully appeal an MLB administered drug test.  However, 2 months ago Ryan Braun appeared on a list, along with at least 90 other baseball players, in the Biogenesis Clinic records.  The Major League Baseball Players Association has contacted the players and the agents of players whose names appeared in those records.  Although no player has been interrogated by MLB officials, that will probably happen within the next few weeks.  According to the bylaws of the collective bargaining agreement, the MLB can suspend any player that does not cooperate with their investigation.

Two officials told USA TODAY Sports that some players will be granted immunity if they admit to having used performance enhancing drugs.  That might be MLB’s only way to get evidence since the Miami New Times, who published the original Biogenesis report, declined to turn over their records.  Without any concrete evidence, MLB officials cannot discipline any major league players.  Officials have, however, made a statement by suspending minor league pitcher Cesar Carillo for 100 games.  Carillo has never tested positive, but his name did appear in Biogenesis files.  Since Carillo is not on a 40-man roster the players union could not defend his suspension.  It seems as though MLB does not want to drop this until they can prove Ryan Braun is guilty.  Braun says his name only appears in those files because his lawyers were seeking a consultation from Bosch to help his defense in the 2011 case.  Although Ryan and his attorney have stuck to this story, MLB investigators are not buying it.  Braun told USA TODAY Sports, “I have always tried to do everything right in my life, and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.  Anybody that knows me and who has ever known me, knows who I am.  They know I’m a good person.”