Diamondbacks, Budweiser Partner in Reimagining Restaurant


(from Sports Business Journal, March 18, 2013) With the new baseball season swiftly approaching, the Arizona Diamondbacks are making changes to their ballpark and its surrounding atmosphere, the most significant of late being the new Game Seven Grill outside Chase Field.  The name of the restaurant is in commemoration of the Diamondbacks’ 2001 World Series title, which will also serve as the overall theme.  The restaurant was formerly known as Sliders American Grill, but in light of a new partnership among the Arizona Diamondbacks, their beer sponsor, Budweiser, and their food provider, Levy Restaurants, club President and CEO, Derrick Hall, gave the go ahead for renovation.  The grill’s opening date is scheduled for March 29, in time for their preseason games against Cincinnati.

Game Seven Grill, which will be able to seat 450 customers, revealed some of their more appealing renovations.  The old pizza kitchen is being replaced by an 1850-pound smoker, which will specialize in cooking various forms of barbecue and chicken platters.  Although the menu is still under construction, initial pricing estimates appear to be relatively consumer-friendly, with most meals ranging from $7 to $10.  Since the restaurant will be themed after the dramatic seven-game World Series in 2001, the walls will be decorated with various jerseys and memorabilia of players from that team.  Another local partner, Bluemedia, made a significant contribution towards the internal layout of Game Seven Grill.

According to Hall, the idea for re-branding and subsequently renovating Sliders American Grill was an attempt change the relationship between the restaurant and the team.  For the previous 10 years, Sliders had virtually no affiliation with the team, other than the ownership renting the building from the Diamondbacks.  Now the team has a powerful supporter in Budweiser, and a loyal partner in Levy.  As a result, fans can not only enjoy food and drinks in close proximity to the stadium on game days, but they can also relive some of the great moments in their team’s history.