Mexico’s Vive Latino Music Fest Grows, Eyes U.S. Expansion

Vive Latino 2013

(from Billboard Magazine, March 17, 2013) Vive Latino music festival, the largest privately sponsored Latin American festival in the world, was once a one-day event when it started. Today it is a weekend-long festival, filled with up-and-coming acts throughout Latin America to known European acts. Unfortunately due to health issues, the European group Blur and Morrissey had to cancel their opening act this year, which forced the organizers of Vive Latino to cancel the show for the first day of the festival. Luckily this didn’t stop the crowd of around 50,000 people to attend the rest of the festival. Some of the acts that came from across Latin America were Garroso, Love of Lesbian, Sr. Flavio, and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

In addition to the music area of the event there are film screenings, art exhibits and merchandise tents spread throughout the festival. The festival’s director, Jordi Puig, is looking to extend Vive Latino to the United States, since more than 50 million Latinos reside there. Puig said, “It’s something that we’ve been talking about for some time and it’s a logical step.”  Fabrizio Onetto, who manages several bands and works for Ocesa Seitrack, also said “Vive Latino has great relationships with other festivals such as SXSW and to see it go to a place like Los Angeles or Austin would make sense.”

To those who can’t physically be at Vive Latino, Coca-Cola Mexico has an online program called Coca-Cola TV. It’s a major television production that live-streams the event to fans in Mexico. They reach up to 1.5 million viewers who can see the show on their computer, tablet or cellphone.

Jose Luis Basauri, marketing director of Coca-Cola, says that the program connects with consumers through their passions such as music and sports. With Mexico’s booming youth demographic, Vive Latino reaches out to them through music. Basauri said, “We really work at making the Vive Latino experience possible through a social and interactive experience. One event may not translate to sales, but when as a brand you are present at events throughout the year, then you start to see the brand grow.”