Spotify Debuts First TV Commercial During NBC’s ‘The Voice’ As Part of $10M Ad Campaign

Man on bus listening to headphones on bus

(from Billboard Magazine, March 25, 2013) The launch of Spotify was about two years ago and quickly spread through word-of-mouth. Recently, on March 25, 2013, Spotify had their first commercial air on NBC’s “The Voice,” followed by another two commercials that would later play on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This campaign is valued at over 10 million dollars and will feature digital and social media ads, as well as being featured on MTV, MTV2, and VH1. The head of Spotify’s communications, Graham James, stated in an interview with Billboard that, “we want to reach broad mainstream audiences in the U.S. with this campaign, and to really help define Spotify and stake a position that we’re ‘for music.’” James also talked about their ad agency, Droga5, and how the voiceover in the commercial is about, “…speaking the words because he feels that. And that’s the kind of passion that [Droga5] brought to the project.”

The three commercials all focus on something different, but each does very well to make the commercial relatable to the specified age group(s). The first commercial, titled “For Music,” focuses on a person crowd surfing at a tightly packed concert, but there is no music playing. All you can hear is the voiceover that says, “It’s been said that the best songs don’t give answers, but instead ask questions…Why can a song change the world? Because music can’t be stopped. Can’t be contained. It is never finished.” Another commercial, titled “Her Song,” focuses on a middle-aged man, sitting in a bus listening to music with headphones. The voiceover comes in and says, “There are so many memories between a chorus and a verse…in the place that made you and I us for a moment; everything is as we left it.” The third commercial, titled “Getting Weird,” focuses around a group of college kids dancing at an apartment, than centers its focus to one of the individuals dancing. As the individual keeps dancing in slow motion, the voiceover says, “We don’t care that it’s a Tuesday. Or whose apartment this is. Because I’m dancing like a duke tonight, and I’m taking you all with me.”