Ticketfly Execs Talk Canadian Growth, Future Expansion


(from Billboard Magazine, April 2, 2013) Ticketfly, a San Francisco-based ticket company, launched into Canada in January. The company processed $126 million in gross ticket sales in the U.S. in 2012, which was up 62% from 2011. They also claim that venues and promoters who switched to Ticketfly in 2011 had an increase in ticket sales of 36% for 2012.  Canada first resisted Ticketfly with the fact that they were new to them, but were quickly brought in. Ticketfly’s General Manager, Bruce Morrison, said the resistance from Canada would be normal with anyone coming into the market, since there are existing and contractual relationships already there.  In just over 70 days Ticketfly Canada brought in Toronto-based Collective Concerts, Calgary-based Union Events, Toronto’s Inertia Entertainment, Ottawa’s Spectrasonic, and more. Morrison said that with that kind of growth it “speaks to the reputation that Ticketfly has and to our platform and to the service that we’re offering to these folks to make them feel confident that they can make the switch.”

With the tools that Ticketfly can offer, the Canada team is able to work with them to figure out a way to leverage the information they bring. By doing this it is really wowing the clients. Ticketfly co-founder, President and COO, Dan Teree, was asked by new music discovery site Daily Unsigned’s Rob Figarola if partnering with companies outside of venues and promoters could in any way be beneficial for what they are doing. Teree said that their company is “about informing fans about artists and ultimately culminating that in a live experience that you can’t get anywhere else. So in Rob’s case, he may pick up on an act before anybody else does and if we’ve got that act working in a venue that we’re ticketing or working with a promoter that we’re ticketing, that’s going to help boost the act. That’s gonna help get the word out. It’s gonna help promote. It’s good for everybody.”

Teree ends with saying that a lot of their clients are now talking about what the next hot local act is, and by being a part of the Ticketfly community they are now sharing notes on different acts around the country.