How Powerful A Player Will Roc Nation Be?


(from Sports Business Journal, April 15, 2013) While Jay-Z is still very early in his efforts to establish Roc Nation Sports, he is hoping to transfer his success in the hip-hop business into the world of sports. In the future, Roc Nation Sports hopes to have all of their agents from multiple different sports certified. They will work with CAA Sports, and no other sports agencies besides them.

Jay-Z has already started to circulate throughout the agency world and is causing quite the buzz. Many professionals in the business are curious as to whether Jay-Z can do the things that he is required to in this business, like attending union seminars. Where he would lack in these areas, he also has the opportunity to have an edge with his current relationships with many of the athletes already. He could offer them incentives in the entertainment world that other agencies may not. He has already established a deal with New York Yankee second baseman, Robinson Cano, and it has been reported that he is in talks with his good friend Victor Cruz of the New York Giants.

Jay-Z currently has a temporary certification for the MLB, but does not yet allow him to actually discuss contracts with the clubs. He missed the deadline for the NFL and will not be able to apply for certification until July 2014, but he is still able to do off-the-field endorsements. Jay-Z is also has current ownership in the Brooklyn Nets, which creates a major problem for being certified with the NBA, as it does not allow conflict of interest in the representation of players due to ownership of teams. With that said, it has been reported that Jay-Z has talked about selling his less that 1% interest in the Nets. “It’s flattering that he wants to get into this business enough that he is willing to give up an ownership interest in a team,” longtime NFL Agent Drew Rosenhaus said.