OvertureCon Aims to Bridge the Fan/Band Divide

The Mint in Los Angeles

(from Venues Today, April 10, 2013) OvertureCon is looking to offer something the music business has not seen, a music conference aimed at music fans. Most music conferences are dedicated to industry executives, but a group of friends and indie music pros are working together to create OvertureCon.

The idea came from Sabrina Greenwood- Briggs who is an accountant, and Stacey Lawson, a health educator. The two have invested nearly $20,000 into what they hope to be the next big conference.

The conference is scheduled to take place on May 18-19 at The Mint in Los Angeles.  Tickets for OvertureCon cost $140 for a two-day pass, $75 for a day pass, and $50 for a show-only pass.

Greenwood-Briggs and Lawson teamed up with Chelsea Schwartz, music manager and publisher in West Hollywood, California. Chelsea said there were two major reasons she got involved, “First, I knew the venues would sniff new blood from these two and try to eat them alive. And second, I really believe that as an industry, we’re not doing enough for the fan.”

While ticket sales are still slow, Greenwood-Briggs hopes things will soon pick up. The group is having trouble justifying the $140 price tag to fans. She explains it is difficult to get fans to understand it is not to be considered a concert ticket, but a two-day conference pass. While getting the message across to the fans may be tricky, she has been able to convince enough acts and agents she is on the right path.

“They can see that we put our money where our mouth is and that we as fans want more interaction,” she said, “we hope this spawns an open dialogue with the bands and they find new ways to talk with their fans.”

Panelist for the May conference will include Cadaver Dogs, Queen Caveat, Honor Society, and a list of professionals working in the music business.