SiriusXM Launches MySXM Interactive Internet Radio Feature


(from, April 15, 2013) On Monday, SiriusXM Satellite Radio launched their answer to Pandora, called MySXM.  The feature creates an interactive Internet radio service by allowing users to personalize existing SiriusXM stations.  The feature is available to all subscribers of SiriusXM.

Using more than 50 existing SiriusXM channels as a starting point, listeners use slider bars to create variations in channels’ existing playlists to tweak characteristics.  For example, the customization features for “The Spectrum” allow the listener to choose different levels of depth, from less familiar artists to more familiar artists, era, older or more recent songs, and popularity, including club artists to arena artists.  SiriusXM plans to add more channels over time.  The Echo Nest and Omnifone help power the new MySXM feature.  The On Demand web service and mobile apps were created by QuickPlay Media.

MySXM puts SiriusXM in the ranks of competitors like Pandora and other Internet radio services.  SiriusXM already offers SiriusXM On Demand, an online service with over 300 shows and over 3,000 hours of content.  With added interactivity that is popular with radio listeners, MySXM is unlike Pandora in the usage requires a small amount of time and effort to fine-tune stations.  In that way, MySXM is more comparable to Internet radio service Slacker, which allows a high degree of fine tuning, than the relative hands-off experience of Pandora.

With the launch of MySXM, SiriusXM doesn’t think of itself as an Internet radio service.  The company has always seen satellite radio as its core mission and the Internet as a value-added service.  Subscriptions to the service are still central to the company’s business model.  Former CEO Mel Karmazin said the company adds features such as MySXM because customers want them, “not because we think it’s good business sense.”