Saving Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy returns with a North American tour and album both planned in total secrecy.

(from Billboard Magazine, April 20, 2013)  When asked about planning Fall Out Boy’s comeback from indefinite hiatus, bassist Pete Wentz responded by asking, “What if The Smiths got back together?  I’d want a song right away, shows right away, and by the way, they’ve already recorded the album.”  After three years of silence, the pop-punk quartet revealed their new album, Save Rock and Roll, announced a North American tour, and unveiled a new single complete with music video.

The level of secrecy involved in the band’s reunion is unheard of in today’s music industry, where social media facilitates an inside look at everything from the recording studio to the tour bus.  According to Fall Out Boy’s manager Bob McLynn, the 33-city tour was plotted under widespread oaths of secrecy.  Booking agent Andrew Simon recalls, “Most of the promoters we used throughout the tour were all promoters that had been in the Fall Out Boy business in the last 8 to 10 years, so it was a very close-knit group of people.”

Most importantly, the band played along.  There were no photos tweeted from the studio, no cryptic blog posts, and the band actively denied the possibility of a reunion in interviews.  The secret almost leaked in January when rapper 2 Chainz posted a photo of himself and the band to Instagram with the caption “Fall Out Boyz feat. 2 Chainz?”  Regarding the leak, Wentz says, “I was like, ‘That’s it’ and kids were like, ‘Nope too crazy.’  They actually denied it themselves.”

The secrecy looks to be paying off.  The album’s release date was moved up from May 7 to April 16 due to the combined response to the lead single and initial tour dates.  The band is also booked for appearances on “Good Morning America,” “Conan,” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”  “This whole rollout’s been about thinking what the antithesis of the industry standard would be,” says Wentz, “when we were like, ‘Let’s put up everything at once,’ we got the momentum going, and it’s hard to catch back up.”

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