Come for the Fashion, Stay for the Music


(from Venues Today, April 24, 2013)   Music fans attending Coachella are not letting the dust and dirt of the desert get in their way of enjoying the luxury that goes along with the festival. This year for the two weekend event Coachella offered a luxury boutique simply titled “Boutique and other fashion retailers.” The festival is now becoming about being seen, and not just about who is performing on stage.

Boutique offered attendees the chance to purchase high price, high quality items at the desert music festival. The shop is said to have the feel of the high-end shops attendees would normally see in Los Angeles, but with fashionable merchandise focused on the music festival and the desert. The shop sold many types of merchandise, but there were three items that were a big hit: socks, vintage t-shirts, and vintage cameras. The camera offered was produced by Lomography, and featured detailed etchings of palm trees, guitar necks, and amp cords. The camera was built specifically for the festival, and offered an infinite focus allowing attendees to take photos from the polo grounds to the stage. The camera also offered an 88 degree angle view for taking wide crowd shots.

With fashion being a growing trend at the festival, fashion retailer H&M also jumped on board. The retailer set up multiple booths at the event, and launched an entire fashion campaign centered around the festival offering items unique to Coachella attendees. A reason H&M is working with Coachella is due to the online hype about trying to find the ‘Coachella look.’ The ‘Coachella look’ is a trending topic on many major social media sites including Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest boards, and many online magazines.

With Coachella moving towards placing more importance on fashion the festival expects to have more shops offering unique items for festival attendees. Fashion retailers like H&M will continue to focus on the festival, and hope to have another successful year in 2014.